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We cover all the very basics to get you started on a variety of exercises, information and care for your dog.

Course Curriculum

Jo Sellers

Reward based trainer and Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer

Max and family

Online training with Pippin Pets

Highly Recommended Course. The videos were great demonstrations and the clicker training worked great for us. We could refer back to the videos for follow up if needed, andit was a good amount of content over the weeks covering basic obedience and an introduction to handling and husbandry.  The bite size chunks have been just right for applying during the week. With our puppy being only 10 weeks when we started the course, we wanted to start with the basics as soon a possible so we were drawn towards Pippin Pets training due to the clicker and rewards based training. Over the course of the 6 weeks, our pup became more confident with his lead walking and quickly took to his training. The course has given us the method and mindset to continue his training in a positive manner.

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